Gospel Understanding is the Beginning of Change

The passion that comes when the Gospel message is underatood and believed is the very beginnig of change in the church. If we want to stop being overwhelmed by all the worrisome questions that get in the way of our true worship and relationship with God, then we must bathe one another in the message of the Gospel. Much like the Israelites of old who seemed to forget every HUGE miracle they witnessed, we somehow allow the good news of Jesus work it’s way to the back of our mind. And rather than being an obsession as it should be, it turns into nothing more than another small thing we fit into life. 

The Gospel should be the driving force behind our passion for life. It should be so big that we naturally read about, talk to, and listen to God. It should drive us to Love our Creator. And that should lead us to Love and care for the people and things that Jesus loved an cared for during his exampled ministry here. 

If we truly want to see our churches grow, to witness the Spirit explode, or experience meaningful constant relationship with Jesus, And living like our predecessors in The New Teatament joining God in his mosaic… well, ALL of that begins with understanding the Gospel and belief in it. 

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