Happy Birthday, Lovely

Today (actually this week) is a celebration week at our house. Today is my wife’s !# birthday!

It seems like not long ago that I met Donna at Applebee’s in Bismarck as she was in the depths of a crush on another fella and out of her mind running around the restaurant with a companion in the freezing North Dakota winter just to be funny.

We had such a friendship for quite a while and after many things that would make this post too long we decided that God wanted us to redefine our friendship into something deeper.

Not long after that I ran off to recruit training at MCRD in San Diego, then to various other training as I began my journey in the Marine Corps. We were married shortly into that journey and have been for over 10 years now.

During the past 10 years, I’ve watched Donna laugh uncontrollably, shake with unbearable anger, cry during bitter hardship, and love with unquenchable passion. She is truly the best helper any man could hope for and for me, far better than I deserve. She’s loved me, forgiven me, listened to me, struggled alongside me, prayed for me, and is the love of my life. That God would grant me such a woman…wow. What a blessing.

Today, I’m thankful for my partner in ministry, parenting, and all of life.

Happy Birthday Donna! I love you.

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