Serbia: Day Two

God blessed us today. It was hot here today and we were able to get further than we thought we would. We were all drinking water like we’d never seen any before. I personally went through two and a half liters of warm water and with a stomach full of water we were all still dehydrated.

However, we were able to get things done nonetheless. We got the two pieces of the frame bolted together and finished the frame for the floor as well. So we finished quite a bit of the ground work today. Here are some pictures of the project from today.

We were also able to have fun with some of the local Roma children as they spent time coloring and enjoying time with the team. There was a lot of laughter coming from beneath the tents today.

Before I finish this entry I also wanted to show this picture of Erv. He is standing with some men from Macedonia who have come to join us so that this can be made into a business of sorts. The plan is to learn how we are doing what this project, build homes for those who can afford it in the same way, then with the profit they would create homes for those who cannot afford it! Very cool! It has been so good to meet these people and spend time with them and a catch the vision our missionaries have for the Roma people in Europe. Thanks for your prayers again and keep them coming.

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  1. Melody Zimmerman says:

    Gods blessings!!


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