Serbia: Day Three

Surprise surprise, Good is still good.

Day three is in the bag now and we’re all full of wonderful food and were able to hear the story of one of the local missionaries here to the Roma. That was uplifting.

We got a lot done today at the job site. These blogs posts are getting shorter and honestly, it’s because I’m getting more tired. It is what it is (LOL). However, today, we were able to finish insulating and covering the floor and we got the roof on. So, that was a lot done in one day. We probably would’ve finished more but every tool battery within a 100 miles was drained. Okay, maybe 100 miles was exaggeration, but we were out of juice so we had to quit and find a better way to charge things on the job site for tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures of what we were able to accomplish today.

There is a lot of work associated with a mission trip like this, but there is some fun and fellowship as well. We were able to have some ice cream at a local shop to celebrate the birthday of one of the Macedonians and then have our team meeting after dinner in the evening where we prayed together, listened to stories, and planned for tomorrow.

God has definitely been here amongst us doing what he does.

Keep praying for us as we continue our work!

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