Three Funerals & a Wedding

I’ve been reading through the bible in typical fashion lately and this morning I read the book of Ruth. It is only 4 chapters and there’s really no good stopping point because the story is gripping.

It all begins with three funerals; three tragedies, as Naomi lost her husband followed by her two sons. Unimaginable pain and mourning from Naomi would have been appropriate in the midst of loss like this. Ruth was Naomi’s daughter-in-law and the widow of one of her sons who had died. Ruth loved Naomi so much she was unwilling to leave her. She was in the prime of her life and could easily have been remarried followed by little footsteps running around. Naomi urged her to go and do just that. But Ruth was simply not going to leave Naomi albeit due to stubbornness or clinging to what was left of her late husband. Another possibility that perhaps makes the most sense is that Ruth really loved Naomi and looked at her like a mother.

Without reciting the whole story I’ll just say that through some laws that God put in place, both in Leviticus 25 and Deuteronomy 25 the story ends in a glorious wedding and celebration and a son was born to Ruth and a her new husband Boaz, and they became the great grandparents of the man we know as King David.

As goes the story of Ruth goes the story of the history of the world. At first God created a paradise. Everything was perfect. But in Genesis 3 death was brought into the world. As mankind sinned death came and much like the funerals in Ruth, there had never been a time more appropriate for mourning, sadness, and depression. Mankind was dead in sin and helpless and utterly hopeless. However, through God’s planning and providential work a way of redemption came about as God sent his very son (that’s Jesus) to die in place of mankind. And three days later Jesus rose from the dead by the power of almighty God forever defeating sin and death!

And now whoever puts their trust in Christ for salvation; whoever gives their whole life to Jesus Christ is awaiting a glorious wedding beautiful beyond belief. What a wonderful picture of our story!

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait until that wedding and the unimaginable celebration that will ensue immediately afterward. May God bless you today as we wait for the glorious return of our King!

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